Our mission is to continually design, develop and distribute the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient energy storage systems possible based upon the operational requirements of the end user and to mitigate the effects of primary power loss.

What We Do:

We design application-specific intelligent Energy Storage Systems (iESS™) that are specifically designed with the end user in mind.   Each of the systems offered in this product line is based upon our proprietary, scalable and programmable intelligent Battery Management System, (iBMS™) and are purposefully designed to out-perform the industry standard with regard to function, safety and durability.


Our vision is to cause a paradigm shift in the collection, storage, distribution and utilization of electric energy to power products and propel vehicles based upon resilient sustainable distributive energy and manufacturing solutions.


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Design Team.

Fred Winters, LtCol USMC (Ret) (Founder, Director)

Fred brings over thirty-five years of progressive leadership, team building and operational

planning experience. Fred has a unique background in multi-national, multi-service, and multi-

agency operations that provide him with an unusual and very effective approach to

organizational structuring, planning and decision-making. He has extensive experience in

multifaceted, expeditionary operations with seven plus years’ experience in Consequence

Management, Humanitarian Assistance, and Disaster Relief Operations. It was his vision and

entrepreneurial spirit that lead to the inception of V2, its unique business model and iBMSTM.

Fred is a retired United States Marine having served 22 years as an Infantry Officer.

Robert “Joe” Clark, LCDR, USN (Ret) (Director)

Joe is a former Navy pilot, with extensive operations management and leadership skills

spanning over three decades. He has significant project and contract management experience

with the 4 Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Energy (limited to nuclear

environmental issues), the State of California, foreign military (Australia, Canada, Israel, India),

and major Department of Defense contractors. Joe’s expertise includes, but is not limited to:

expeditionary operations and airhead logistics, equipment maintenance and support, public

safety/security/surveillance, quality assurance, manufacturing, environmental restoration and

compliance. Joe served in the United States Navy for 24 years.



Daniel's global project expertise includes office facilities, resort and hospitality facilities,

government agency facilities, cultural - museum facilities, educational facilities, sustainable

improvements to historical restorations, National Register facilities rehabilitation, Landmark

facilities rehabilitation, as well as utility infrastructure operational facilities. Daniel has been

active in Green Building for over 20 years, a commitment that includes his current roles as

member of USGBC’s LEED Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group, USGBC Waterbuild 2016

Summit presenter and program team member, Greenbuild 2016 Host Committee team, NFRC

Director and Governance Chair, ILFI Las Vegas Valley Collaborative LBC Collaborative Founder

and Chair. Additionally, Daniel has served as a Technical Subject Matter Expert to the US

Department of the Interior since 2009.

Ronald Johnson (Programmer, Systems Design Engineer)

Over twenty five years of experience in the design, programming, prototyping, testing and

repair of microprocessor, logic and linear circuit boards. He has extensive experience in

hardware and software engineering, soldering both through-hole and SMT circuit boards,

prototyping enclosures and wiring, layout and drafting of Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards

using Eagle, Orcad, and PCAD software and mechanical drafting techniques with AutoCAD. Ron

has developed patented technology for inverters and traction motor designs, built a proprietary

50KW DC to AC inverter, designed and managed the development of a new electric drive system

that increases mileage of an electric or hybrid drive vehicle by 50%, and received 3 patents for a

Space-Vector Pulse Width Modulation algorithm for this prototype vehicle conversion.

Alan M. Frank (SSE, Out of Band Access Specialist, Technology Strategist)

Over thirty three years’ experience as an industry-leading network professional in large-scale

technology integration/deployment, Alan spent the past 18 years focused in KVM console and

intelligent power integration technologies to data-centers globally. He has played a significant

role to the film and the broadcast industries with the introduction of HD-KVM technology

solutions instrumental in exceeding industry standards, easing the analog to digital transition,

and by providing collaborative advanced technologies to increase efficiencies in the production,

post-production, reality, and live broadcast venues.

Alan services major accounts throughout the world such as Boeing, Cox Media, Time-Warner,

Deluxe, Fox, Disney, PDI Dreamworks, Pandora Films, Pixar, Skywalker Sound (Lucas Films),

Shapeshifter Post, USDA Forest Service, Technicolor, Technicolor - Sunset Gower Studios, and is

a contracted Highly-Specialized Professional Services and Integration Provider to VERTIV CO

(formerly Emerson Network Power).  Founder ~ OOBAXS (Pronounced Out-of-Band Access)